November 03, 2017

Selecting the right Forex Broker

Forex broker
You are actually a good forex broker companies, and we will give you tips on how to choose a forex broker correctly, because if you don't understand then you can also fall by web-web review, as often happens in people laity in the Forex world is ultimately detrimental to him.

We'll review here about tips on how to select it. But before continuing you should know in advance about the definition of what is a BROKER? Broker according to the true meaning is a bridge or Liaison who get income from the Commission or the addition of a selling price of purchasing, and they should not be acting as or Player. Well from this sense whenever you find a broker who acts as the player's or an interest in the RESULTS of your transaction then it means they've deviated from his duties and can be sure the company is not the company forex brokers who are healthy and right.

Here are the criteria for selecting a company Forex brokers
  • Use the brokerage firm which provides fluctuating price spreads follow movementsin the actual money market (not Fix Spread), recalls the difference in selling price and purchase on the market is also various, and the Fix is not possible, so if there is abrokerage company that displays the price Fix Spread then certainly it is not the actual price in the market and broker is definitely playing behind him to set your trading results.
  • Use the brokerage company that uses 5 digit price behind the comma (with 6 figures overall) in the CURRENCY of the MAJORNYA (as in the pair EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF) given the value of the forex market capitalization are the higher then currently use the 6 figures to follow the capitalization. If the broker is still using 4 digit behind the comma (or 5 digit whole) then it could be ascertained that is the price they set themselves.
  • We recommend using a brokerage company that delivers 100% Margin Level limits, because in order to protect you from risk capital ran out if hit by a margin call, besides this type of broker is a brokerage of Non Airport and it was great.
  • You should not use a forex broker ECN Full-type (if it is really the ECN), since the broker-ECN Full then you will not be able to do hedging techniques, and also leverage is lower and there is rule position (FIFO first in first out) which certainly can be a hassle you. But often many brokers stating that ECN not yet USER-FRIENDLY, in fact, and if that is the case then we recommend that you select a brokerage firm that the Non-Dealing Desk STP or DMA then it better and flexible.
  • Do not use a brokerage firm that provides leverage too high in areas such as 1:1000, 1:2000 even to 1:3000 above, that's not the right broker, and they deliberately provide leverage that don't make sense with the purpose in order for your funds can be discharged without rest and finally go into the bag. (read about the low leverage and high leverage, where that secure)
  • Avoid brokerage company that could use Cent accounts, such as deposit your $100but it is listed on the balance of your trading account is $10000, well that's actuallyaim to manipulate its books so that it looks great. And this type of brokerage exists only in a Non Regulated brokers, as well as the airport. Avoid the kind of broker who like this, because they're definitely not true.
  • Avoid brokerage companies that provide fantastic bonuses (e.g. 20%, 50% or more), because there is no money for free in this world except for Charity only. The characteristics of this kind of broker is giving a bonus of up to 20% more even 100% (but if the bonus was a child such as the 3%, 5% it still makes sense and there is a requirement to melt), but for an exceptional bonus of up to 20% more then that There is definitely more sinister consequences i.e. they arrange your deals so that Loss and your money goes into the pockets of their airport. And the average brokerage firm that provides such a great bonus for sure later on the edges will complicate your withdrawals, such as IronFX, Masterforex brokerage (MFX), which is currently in the verge scam, or some other brokers that have scam (blur) all of them many are using this mode in advance to their gimmick. Remember! There is no free money in this business unless there is a consequence, and the bigger the bonus it will be increasingly dangerous. All bonus-bonus that looks "well" there must be consequences and it can definitely harm you.
  • Use a broker registered and regulated properly, as it is already registered in one of the regulators like CFTC/NFA, FINRA, MFSA, FCA UK, MIFID, ASIC, but cautiously yes because there are some brokers who seems to be regulated but in fact it only as a GUISE only and your funds not disbursed under the supervision of their regulator, with the aim to increase their profits and taxes. Their games here will use some sort of 2 different types of bookkeeping, and usually characterize the broker is able to use the illegal money transfer media to not be tracked by their regulator.
  • Please be more careful with the brokerage company that is located in the country of Cyprus, New Zealand, Russia, Belize, British Virgin Island (BVI), Panama, Seychelles, Vincent and the Grenadines, Vanuatu, because in many countries blamed for use by brokers are not true nor escape from scammers in order not to be pursued.
  • Avoid forms of trading Binary Options, and Spread Bettingbecause it is a form of gambling and dangerous, because there is no Underlyingnyaand also besifat all (engineering operatives). Read the statement of the Government of the United States through the CFTC regulators about the type of Binary trading is indeed dangerous: and read this also regarding binary brokers and review reviews gambling this binary trading model.
  • Avoid brokerage firm that could use a media transfer money illegally from their local bank, that sort of leave with an intermediary/individual (leave Indonesia Exchanger services), leave money on Deposit to the Agency IBnya, local payment gateway to forex, transfer with bitcoin, perfect moneyand such that the bottom line could be a local bank transfer to local (read also an article about the review payment gateway here), because they are the illegal money transfer media. As one Payment Gateway with an initial FP which they use a bank account in Indonesia as holding customer funds bank for forex transactions but Without the correct Permits as instruments of transfer of funds to foreign brokers of a local bank account, and it's been very illegal and unlawful Anti Money Laundry in Indonesia, so if for example you're Unlucky andhit by police then you could get tangled in the article money laundering (money laundry) and certainly will be very harm you. In addition your funds through them too insecure and at risk. (THIS is CALLED with the 3RD PARTY 3, and don't Ya!)
  • Do not use a broker that is not true, because it can be constrained with your withdrawals, because in your Bank in Indonesia is also observed by BI (bank Indonesia) that where source funds are coming from companies that illegally, then you can potentially exposed to highlight the PPATK, and if you're shit then your account could be problematic/blocked. If trade in foreign forex brokers, then use a brokerage firm that is already regulated properly and not that naughty, so position your money is also safe.
  • Avoid brokerage firm that delineates a certain trading techniques and strategies such as the closing of positions should be above 1 minute, limiting the use of robots, restrict scalping, limit certain transactions, and such, for they are surely is the broker operatives who deliberately want to restrict your trading so difficult to get an actual profit. (example brokers that limit is Agea or Marketiva, Instaforex or ifxid, Fxclearing,Liteforex, and such)
  • We recommend that you use a broker overseas than local brokers, (a local brokerage firm characteristics are in the name of the company has an additional name such as PT, or Futures or futures. As well as registered in the system), because Bappebti atlocal broker is different from foreign brokers. In addition to All their local broker Dealing Desk system affiliated with "Airport", in addition they also concerned with profit loss, so it does not benefit us, and also the local broker's actual cost is far more expensive than in the foreign brokers (provided in the brokerage company right out of ya).
  • Alert with a brokerage firm that is not clear. Because often it's not the right broker firm (or banks dark), or an umbilical hernia as if investment company on behalf of a company. (Please consult our help to us for verification and checking for free).
  • Avoid brokers who want to handling big funds in Exchange for certain investment results are tantalizing, because often it is an investment scam, or handled by people irresponsibly, and 99% of your funds will surely run out the edges (usually found in local marketing broker broker handling big, with tantalizing results promising).
  • We recommend that you avoid using the brokerage company that is strange and uncommon, because you'll be hassle if an obstacle.
  • We recommend that you avoid using the brokerage company that is strange and uncommon, because you'll be hassle if an obstacle.
  • Don't get hooked by the cradle in seminars utilizing the broker bonus or profit large trading techniques, because of the way it actually can not for the long term and are at risk of once especially if done with big funds let alone its application often in broker-the broker that is not true or false, and brokers in this way never swallow a lot of victims such as those in IronFX, Maxim brokers traders, Instaforex DirectBank Fx, Crown Forex, and such. (this method of trading usually can only be done in a Non Regulated brokers or brokers give high bonuses, and it's dangerous)
  • Be careful with the broker offering a giveaway iPhone mode and fantastic, but it's just a marketing trick only and is a trap for batman. Soon their edges using a paid actor is already set as the winner.
  • Don't be baited with a seminar or brokers who use the pretext of a certain Religion, because it is not right and just course marketing tricks to outwit the layman. Suppose the forex seminar Sharia, Islamic trading and such, but it is not the case in practice, and can also be ascertained that they are using the actual airport broker it is unlawful even if we inspect it.
  • Don't just choose a company brokers by just looking at the easy deposit or withdrawal (but illegal way) or without verification, or because you only see the beautiful-gorgeous employees nor handsome, and bonus or the prize or the other BOY things, you should be able to think intelligently about the logic of sharing these things, because in the current era of lots of emerging fraud-fraud includes the odd seminar is also a lot of doing so. And if you're sloppy and too carelessly then not profit gained but silliness that occurred as the funds cannot be withdrawn or even stolen by hackers, and this often happens.
We expect with this our reviews can increasingly open your insights in order to choose the right broker firm, and this is only limited on reviews OUTLINE only, but you may consult our help to us to check in advance about the brokerage company in more detail, because often there are several factors that need to be checked in more detail by an experienced person in order not to wrong.


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