November 08, 2017

Forex Trading Strategies by Moment

One of the suggestions that are always given by the master Forex trading are: "Wait, wait for the right moment to enter the market." Yeah right, it sounds easy, but it turns out that in practice, there are times when (or even often) we too hastily taking a position and to enter the market. Often we see movement provoked the chart seems to be steadily created on "buy".
forex trading strategy

It turns out that when we have open positions "Buy" price moving down. We panicked and hastily close buy position, behind the position, take a position sell. Uh, so we "Sell", not long after the market turns out recovery and prices back up. Nah right! Trading and emotions are indeed not be merged.

Trading Forex with emotions clearly endanger our account. So, it is one of the keys to get into the market is: wait, wait for the right moment. Many ways to identify the right moment to enter the market. It all depends which system your personal religious beliefs. For those of you who are technical players, there are several conditions that could become the benchmark for entry to the market. The first condition is the breakout moment occurred. Breakout usually occurs when a particular pattern or chart formed after the sideways.

You can read the read-back discussion about various chart pattern and breakout trading in those articles. Breakout trading allows us to use the momentum of the "breakup" of the market, i.e. the times when one of the parties, the buyer or seller won pull interesting price. Breakout moments marked by rise or fall in the price quickly, which certainly will be very profitable if we can enter the market with the position and the right time.

A second favour able condition to enter the market is the times when divergence occurs. Divergence in question here is the difference between price movement with movement indicator oscillator. About divergence trading also already I've discussed in previous articles.

Well, for those of you forex trading tends to be fundamentalist, moments that are considered appropriate to enter the market of course is when the news release, especially the high impact news with an average impact on the movement of the chart more than 30 pips.

The following, among othershigh impact news:
1. Non Farm Payroll USA (effect of 100  200 pips).
2. Trade Balance USA (effect 70  120 pips).
3. Interest Rate Statements (effects more or less 100 pips).
4. The Durable Good (effects of 50  100 pips).
5. Producer Price Index (effects of 50  60 pips)
6. The PPI excl Food and Energy (the effect of 50  60 pips)
7. Consumer Price Index (effects of 50  60 pips).
8. CPI excl Food and Energy (the effect of 50  60 pips).
9. Trichet, Bernanke & Fukui Speaks (effect 30 – 100 pips).
10. Unemployment Rate (the effect of 30 – 50 pips).

You can check the schedule, when the news release, in the forex calendar that lists the schedule of news and its effect. So you can customize the schedule of trading (and schedule) to schedule your news release. By knowing the exact conditions to enter the market, you do not have to look at the chart on and may also not have to open position every day.

But, in Generalyour forex trading account could grow with a consistent positive growth, because every position you open take the right time so you can follow the whole trend going on. Fun right? Oya, one more thing. Let you do not feel the need to pursue suits every day, make your trading targets on a weekly basis, not have to daily. Uh, but, though not open every day, Insha ALLOH can Withdrawl routine each week. So may be useful.


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