October 03, 2017

Long-term Forex Trading Strategies With A Simple Method

Online forex trading strategies with different methods of long-term is very appropriate for those who don't like to linger long in front of the monitor to continuously monitor the movement of the chart.

Strategitrading forex long term it brings advantages for you in terms of psychology, where by applying long-term analysis, psychology you will awake better and more stable because your attention is not easily distracted by the presence of signal signal recently appearing on the chart.

In doing so, automatically you will just focus on one Open position only.

Believe me, psychology is also largely determine whether or not you are successful in running the business of Forex Trading. Seriously.


"Trade what you see, not what you think"

The quote above I took from one trader my idol that in fact is one of the world's Top trader, and after I consider these quote it turns out it's true.

In analyzing price movements in the forex market, we just enough transaction whena signal comes up.

We need to do is follow the instructions the signal, what do we see that we have to follow the instructions.

And we should not speculate/guess where prices will run against. We have to trust everything on trading strategies that we use.

Well, to be able to see the signal that comes up, we'll use the help indicator Exponential Moving Average (EMA). Yes, just one indicator.

Indicator EMA is an indicator used to analyse a trend direction "Following the Trend".

As far as I know and do a test run, the indicator of this type can be said to be the best indicator for use as identification of direction of the trend.

indikator ema forex trading
EMA is the official indicator for Metatrader that has default uses as a determinant of the direction of the trend.

By mounting this indicator, you will be able to deduce where the trend of the ongoing trend direction.

In practice, we will use two EMA with each period of 10 and 20.

How to read this indicator is fairly easy, where when the 10 EMA is below the 20 EMA is assumed as the Down Trend/Trend down.

Conversely, when the 10 EMA is above the 20 EMA is assumed as the Up Trend/Trend rising. And the turn of the trend is marked by a cross (cross) both the EMA.

Example Trend Down
indicator forex trading

Example Trend Up
indicator forex trading


The rule for the OP is pretty simple, all you need to do is just follow the signal given by this indicator.

Yes, as I said earlier.now that you must trade what you see, not what you think.

Every trend has a period, meaning that every trend either Up or Down trend trend there is always a period of time of completion.

So, we recommend that the OP is done only when a Fresh signal (EMA's new cross).It is intended to target the TP you get bigger.

Rule OP Buy

Buy OP done when the 10 EMA just cross over the 20 EMA.
Rule OP Sell

Sell OP done when the 10 EMA cross just under the 20 EMA.
Important Note!

In applying this long term forex strategy, as much as possible avoid OP when pricesare too far from the EMA, and wait until the price is approaching again. This is intended to minimize your SL.

Less is more so a discussion of Long-term Forex Trading strategies. Not bored bored I always remind them that your success in forex trading may not necessarily be due to the use of strategies that are super nice, but also determined by how well the Money Management and psychology that you apply.


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