October 07, 2017

How to analyze the market in Online Forex Trading with Candlestick

What is a candlestick? in online forex trading, candlestick this is just one of the many types of graphs used by traders in analyzing price movements next because the price conditions showed more clearly and in more detail.

We are back in the past, the analysis of the function of the good technical analysis or fundamental is to determine whether the price will go up or down, as well as whether to move the same direction or reverse direction.

Based on the type of goal, this analysis is divided into two, namely:

1. analysis to determine trend will happen

i.e., to analyze the movement of the price charts to estimate the shape of the graph is going to happen. (who is shot is a series of candlestick)

2. analysis to determine the type of a candlestick is formed

i.e. candlestick only 1 piece predicts that next will be formed, whether bullish or bearish candle candle. (the shot was 1 candlestick only) But the aim of this candle has a long (points) that is as great as a trend.

Good analysis to determine trends or determine 1 candlestick it if both succeed then the profit obtained could be just as great. Because it could have been 1 candlestick on Time Frame (TF) 4 hour distance point as great as a trend on Time Frame (TF) 5 minutes. So just choose the course which is more easily, determine the pattern graph or 1 candlestick.

In terms of determining the trend of what is to come, the role of the candlestick is just as voters signal entry/entry point, so traders get the best price. Here are some examples of the incoming signal or entry point or point to start doing forex transactions are indicated by the candlestick:

I. Entry Point Trend Rises
Entry point trend rises

Rising trend can be detected with the emergence of bullish candle long-body after forwarding the graph forms a low rising.

And here is the result

II. Entry Point Trend down

Down trend could be detected with the advent of long-body forwarding bearis candle after the lowly graph forms a high

This is the result

Iv. Entry Point Turning Direction Down

Reversal of the direction of the trend rising to trend down can be detected with the emergence of shooting star candle, hanging man and other types of candle reversal in overbought area or convergent

This is the result

In terms of determining the type of the next candle whether bullish or bearish candlestick, serve as the main actor, his supporters is a form of tampering with the candle chart before.

The discussion of how to analyze the direction of price movements in online forex trading using candlestick. hopefully helpful


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