October 26, 2017

Forex Trading strategies 7 am

Forex Trading strategies 7 am, so named because it can be done in the morning around 7 am, before your regular activities began. Simple forex trading strategy that specifically applied to currency pairs EURUSD with H1 time frame. This strategy is used with reference to the level of high and low at 7 a.m. EST candlestick as a reference to predict price direction.
Forex Trading strategies 7 am

In applying Trading strategies Forex 7 am, if the after hour candle closes above high candle 07.00 (breakout high), then it can be assumed that the price will go up. So the position we take is to buy. Conversely, if the candle after these hours closed under low candle 07.00 (breakout low), then it can be assumed that the price will go down.So the position we take is to sell. It should be noted that the taking of position made on next candle after unconfirmed prices close above or below low candle 07.00. For example, if high candle 07.00 1.0880 price is on, then the price at 11.00 candle close at 1.0900, then position the entry buy at that price is at the beginning of the candle 12.00.

Take Profit and Stop Loss
Target profit for each position a minimum of 15-20 points if the target has been reached during the Asian market. But if the breakout high or low candlestick occurs during the European or American markets, then the target could be enlarged 2 times. If the target is not reached and the reversal occurred, then the closing candle reversal becomes level cut loss. On the next candle, we reversed course following breakout high/low candle 07.00 again. Each position should wear appropriate market profit target system
Candlestick images Confirm Breakout High/Low 07.00
Rejection and Reversal
After the price on the closing candle breakout high/low, but the target is not reached. Then happened the correction and closed candle was still in the corridors of the high/low hours, 7 am, then this is called rejection. The characteristic of aggressive traders can add a new position with the same target. However, if the prices continue to the opposite direction with initial breakout that already unconfirmed, and then closed in the opposite direction, then this is called with the reversal. Existing positions following the breakout high/low early must be cut-loss on a closing prices, and take a new position following the breakout high/low with a profit target appropriate market.
Forex Trading strategies 7 am
Image Rejection & Reversal
Forex Trading strategies 7 am
The Image Of The Target Not Reached & Reversal

Based on the results of testing and back-test, the level of accuracy of the Trading strategy for Forex 7 am reached more than 70%. Its use is also very easy even for a novice trader though. But keep discipline in the application of the profit target and cut loss so that optimal results are achieved.

So may be useful and good luck with this forex trading strategy


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