October 08, 2017

Did You Know The Main Mistake In Trading?

wrong online forex trading

To become a successful online forex trader is rarely achieved in a short time and instantly. Usually a trader will face a bad thing in trading and it's going to be a teacher as well as a very valuable experience.

Some traders will even the most bitter experience in trading. For example, until the capital runs out. However, it does not mean that to be a successful trader must ail, but more importantly we can learn from mistakes. There is an interesting phrase from the book "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator", namely:

"There is nothing new on Wall street or in stock speculation. What has happened in the past will happen again, again and again. This is because human nature does not change " Jesse Liver more

That is to say, approximately on the stock or the world trading is actually nothing new, what happened in the past will happen again in the present moment so on. This is caused by human behavior doesn't change.

So this means that the problems encountered by each trader is actually the same as the current problems faced by traders in the past either 10, 20 or 100 years earlier. The cause is quite simple – apart from the factor of technological advancement and innovation – we stay as a human who has emotions. Emotional factor is the difference between us and the
could be a hindrance in making the right decisions and right.

The biggest mistakes in Forex Trading

Why forex trading online often make mistakes, not the profit obtained but the loss get, here's the answer it:
Do you have a trading plan?
If you do have often violated the trading plan that you have piles?
Do you often let open the wrong position without making the anticipation?
If you set a limit on your losses?
Do you know when to close a position?
If the answer to number one is "no", then you've done the first error; If the answer to number two "Yes" then you already perform the second mistake; If the answer to number three "Yes" then you already perform the third error, if the answer to number four "nothen you already perform the fourth error; If the answer to number five"nothen you make mistakes.

All of the above questions will eventually become the main reasons one conical which are often done by traders. When you are not making mistakes from the five questions above actually still there is one reason why we still experience a total loss. The main mistake that we do that is we do not understand the concept of risk reward ratio.

As an expression of Jesse Liver more above where we are only human, and human nature is definitely always want to win or else in trading always want to profit, there is not a single human being who wants to suffer losses.

Well.. This is the nature of man are driven by emotion always wanted to profit sometime forget about logic and make the wrong decision. This means that although we often benefit compared to the number of transactions of our loss, why in total capital we still reduced?
So a discussion of mistakes that are often made in online forex trading, hopefully we can avoid it


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