October 26, 2017

4 forex trading strategies simple

If you've been dabbling in online Forex trading in quite a long time then you probably already know how exactly that trading was difficult. Some people may find it easier, but there is information that tells us that 95% of traders fail is making money. This means that 95% of traders lose money consistently. Some traders may not be in the position of forward. They sometimes win and sometimes lose but more so the defeat ultimately losers.

But how can you avoid this problem? How can you do a successful trading? Is there some system or forex trading strategies that you can use (that is, the method of how to place a trade) that will be successful and allow you to get an advantage in the business of trading? That's what will be described in this article. We will look at the analysis fundamentally. This is a trading strategy that has been proven over the years.

Just because something is already proven then it does not mean it will be valid also for you

There are important points here. Forex trading system or strategy that works for one trader may not be successful for other traders. You can try by providing a system that you think defeat to ordinary traders win which could be precisely the system could give victory to the trader. Vice versa, a great system given to traders who often lose can also still provide a defeat on the trader. So, that being the problem is trader it, not the system.

So, the trader is the problem, not the system. There was a trading trainer who always reminds his students that they will become a better trader as they have more experience. And how do you get experience? The only way to get experience is to continue trading. You can also reading a book or article to get their knowledge. But still you should be trading to practice the science so that you get the experience. Is a soldier who has a weapon. The soldiers have to read the book to know how to use the weapon and then practice shooting at target so that the ability of shot honed. You obtain the appropriate skills and mastering it by way of continuing to do something repeatedly. Remember that reliable traders are not born in a matter of months.

How do Traders do Trading?
Many traders prefer to execute Trade Forex automatically, using the product and applications automatic MT4 or semi-automated, such as program copy trade. Regardless of whether you want to use the automated trading platform or prefer trading it manually, it is important that you should determine your trading strategy before taking the plunge.

Many traders would prefer to use a trade can help remind them to lucrative trade opportunities, while others prefer a 100% manual trading. This is really not a problem with You which is included but the problem is with trading what we wear. The system is important, Yes, but rather the result of you as a trader should be able to make the right decision at the right time. Market movements would have been if not down, up Yes sideways. Only three directions.

Up, down, sideways. That means you have one of three options. You can buy or sell, or you can get out of the market when sideways. One of the three options must be taken at any time. Most new traders are thus in the marketplace when they are not supposed to be in the market.

Four Simple Forex trading strategy that effectively

1. Trading TrendLine
When the market shows consistent price movement in a certain direction, you can use trend lines to develop Your forex trading strategy. A trend line is an imaginary line that connects three or more consecutive low prices with a straight line. If you detect any kind of trend line, the best option is to wait until the price falls to touch the trend line before you make a trade. There are compelling reasons to believe that the price will move up again, soon. And if that happens, you get a chance to profit. However, if the price falls below the line, it would be better to get out of the trade.
forex trading strategies simple

2. The Moving Average Line Trading

With these pictures we're looking at lines 21 EMA (exponential moving average) and candlestick bar standard. You can see how the price will often be approached and touched 21 EMA before bouncing and continue in the direction of the original. This is standard in trade and you can see this pattern works on all time frames from 1 minute all the way up to the graph of 1 month.

This is the line that connects the average price over a long period. This line helps you gain insight into the trend of fluctuations in market prices. You can then compare the real price movements with the moving average, and exchange rate fluctuations are speculating foreign currency accordingly. When the price moves up and across a line moving average, that means that the market is gaining momentum, and this might be the right time for you to trade.

Here are two excellent examples that will help you understand what exactly trading trendline. The first example illustrates the trendline resistance and the second graph shows the support trendline.
forex trading strategy simple

You can see in the illustration that the moving average is a good resource for both support and resistance, depending on how the market moves. In an uptrend price will be above 21 EMA in many cases, while in the case of a price downtrend then it will be found under 21 EMA. The stronger the movement it will be increasingly more below or above the price of the EMA.
One way to help determine if the market is trending or not is to look at the relationships between price movement/candle on the chart and the exponential moving average line. You can also use the slope of the line of the EMA to help determine the strength of price movement. If you have a line of flat-EMA, for example, chances are that You see the market flat or the market range-bound.

But if you see a nice slope in both directions from the 21 EMA line, as in this example, then the chances are that you're looking at a trending market. You can use this information to help improve your trade, regardless of what method you use. EMA line can be very helpful to determine your trade and to identify a good entry point.
forex trading strategies simple

The idea of these two things is waiting for the price to get close or moving average moving average trading and then bounce out of it (or break). If the price breaks at the EMA for quite a long time then chances are you will have a reversal of the trend. EMA will further reverses direction and begins to follow the price if the break sustained price movement and EMA.

3. Strategy breakout
The price of foreign currencies usually continues to move up and down. However, due to political or economic reasons, currency rates may suddenly came out of the price range of ordinary and began to move towards. When that happens, you can expect prices to continue moving in the same direction for a long enough period of time. This would be the perfect time to trade in the Forex market, as you can predict future price movements with more confidence.

You can place a pending order on the high and low price of a specific span of time in the market, such as for example, trading the previous session. Many traders reveal that the application Range Box Trader is useful for the breakout trading

4. Day Trading
This strategy is very useful for beginners. Trade in that same day, ensuring that you don't lose a huge amount of money. Holding with trading for a long time is not recommended for beginners because it increases the risk of large losses. For a start, it would be better to invest in a couple of short trade, rather than investing in a single trade for a long period of time.

Special note here is that trade in this way is not the same as using candlestick charts daily. This trade only refers to short term trades that may be only a few minutes to a few hours in length.

Each trader has a different time frame. Some known as touts, will aim to enter the market in General on a short-term time frame such as 1-minute or 5-minute chart and take a quick 5-25 pips. Scalping is not generally recommended for traders recently because prices could move fast enough and losses could come fairly quickly if you are on the wrong side. It is very likely also to place trades in one direction only to make market fight You-take Your stop loss – and then continue in the direction of native who previously traded. This phenomenon often becomes one of the most frustrating part in trade. We as traders viewed the stop loss we almost achieved before the price reverses direction and then headed to the previous prices become a take profit us. Of course we could not enjoy the take profit because trading is already affected by stop loss.

And what is the solution for this? Do we trade with a stop loss? This may be, but may be more dangerous. The best thing is to do trading with solid risk parameters. Most traders use a ratio of 1:1. What this means is that their Premier League amounts on trade is exactly the same as what they expect to get results from the trade?. In a perfect world this would mean that you could win only 51% of your trades and still profitable. This calculation does not take into account spreads and brokerage fees, and this usually makes the trader is wrong. They consider the ratio of risk and profit, but they do not take into account the spread and the fees charged.

5. Bonus strategy: Moving Average crosses

One of the most popular strategies for many traders is by observing the movement of the moving averages simple and exponential moving average in a particular currency. In the image below you can see the moving average crossover to the downside.This looks good and nice here, but this is an example to make it easier or help you clearly see the moving average crossover.

Moving average, usually one of the first places where new traders will try their skills. There is a big attraction of the moving average, because there are thousands of combinations that can be used to help traders identify trends and entry point. Some traders will only use the moving average crossover to help them determine short-term trends and/or length.
online forex trading

How Do I Use This Strategy?
There are so many strategies for forex trading until we do not know the exact amount. Any strategy that can be customized and used by the trader. Remember that there is no one strategy that could be suitable for everyone. Each trader and each person has the personality of each and would be better if adapt to other strategies as well.

Not intend to advocate for changing the strategy but it doesn't hurt to learn about other strategies that may be more suitable for your personality than you are using now (if you are experiencing poor results with the you use now). Keep an open mind, but focus on what you're working on at the moment. If you have found something that suits you, then do not have to switch to something else.

Continuous learning for the best results with a strategy that is suitable for you. Remember, our finesse doesn't come in a short time because the finesse comes in a span of many years of experience.

If you are a new trader, then our forex trading strategy which you think is most reasonable? Chances are, if there is a strategy that you think make sense, then you have good chance to do that with a good strategy. The only way that you can increasingly adept in trading is by way of keep practicing and learning. You can practice with a mentor, coach or instructor trading to learn new things and improve your trading.

Remember that the knowledge of trading does not equal the experience of trading or trading profits. You can owe everything in the world but if you don't apply what you've learned then you will not see the benefit in your trading account. You'll see the advantage when you apply strategy and conduct trade in accordance with the rules of your system. How so you get better is to keep doing trade in accordance with your system. You'll get insights and sixth senses that can help you avoid a bad setup.When you have enough experience You will begin to see your trading with new eyes.

Do you remember The movie The Matrix and how Neo started to ' believe ' and then can see the Matrix for what exactly is it? He could see a series of numbers to absorb everything. And when this happens it has a level of understanding that goes beyond the reality of it and gave it a large degree of control over it. The same is true in many ways to your trading success. At this time you may still inexperienced and new. You do not have a "Neo's eyes" to see a graph of trading with the way they really are. You need more experience to help You trade more successfully. The more experience you get, the better you will be, and there is no other way around it.


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