September 23, 2017

"Price action" strategy in forex trading online

trading price action

The financial market was the site of buying and selling exchange rates between market participants. Exchange rates it leave traces in the form of movement of prices or price action can be observed clearly on trading chart forex trading.
A forex trader will read, Digest and ultimately position opening trade after a trail created by the price action. How trading like this is called forex trading with price action strategies or trading with price action setups.

The fact that there is a price movement history, shaped by the price action will always be repeated on any market conditions, this is closely related to the characteristics of the market participants, i.e. generally someone will be predictable properties when dealing with the money, the nature of the market participants reflected on the formation of the candlestick bars (if used to use candlestick forex trading in the charts), rods or bars on the chart forex trading that form the pattern of movement of prices (price action) that repeated periodically, so that the "price action" it can be used asa tool in trading to forecast price movements are accurate.
Not only on the financial markets or forex market, price action strategies can be applied to any market because of the nature and characteristics of the perpetrator in the same market.
Online forex trading with a technique or strategy of price action this can be applied to the time frame (TF) anywhere, but it is highly recommended to use a time frame (TF) daily given the data and the resulting signal is more accurate, while price action also suitable and easily applied in the forex market as more trending patterns that occur continuously compared to other markets.

Why use price action?

Real easy to be answered, because the price (price) is the principal element in the financial markets. As with a book, if it does not know how to read it, then it will not know what the actual content of the story presented by the book. If you don't know how to read the movement of prices (price action) in the forex market, then it will not be able to understand and Digest history price submitted that market.
Final results from the combination of a variety of variable that is used to analyze or predict future market price movements is itself, therefore we recommend that a trader focuses on understanding price action and not on the parameters of the various indicators as tools of prediction.

The important thing to note on price action strategies:

1. There are various patterns or formations on the candlestick bar might formed by the price action in different market conditions. Should learn how to read and understand one pattern or formations first before any other patterns. When already understand how to implement in trading for a specific market conditions, just learning the other formations.

2. when previously used to use time frame (TF) under daily (as TF 1 hour, 30 minute, 15 minute, etc.)we recommend that you start learning forex trading with the daily time frame in order to avoid an error signal and the ' noise ' in the movement the price, which will be very influential in the formation of the price action that is formed.
The smaller time frame is used, then it will be more likely to over-trade or open position frequently, so noise and false signals or false (false signals) will be common in the lower time frame, and will tend to be wrong in predict future price movements.
If you are familiar with the daily time frame, start observing the formation of bar formed by price action.

3. Learn from the forex traders who have successfully implemented a strategy of price action, or learning the ways of the implementation of the various examples of the application of price action in trading.
Another one, apart from the forex trading strategies in use today, the application ofthe method of strategy or price action will not disrupt trading
being maintained its position, but will increase the sharpness in predicting price movements of the market.
So a discussion of online forex trading strategies with different methods "Price Action". Hopefully helpful


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