September 29, 2017

Online Forex Scalping Trading Strategies Are Simple Yet Super Accurate

On the occasion of this good will share an online Scalping Forex Trading strategies that are frequently used, and quite powerful.
Maybe some of you are still there who do not know or just get to know the name of scalping. What kind of Scalping strategy is it?
Scalping is opening and closing a transaction of buying and selling is done within a short time or target number of pips are small.
Thus this type of strategy is enabling us to open OP berkali kali in a day.
Indeed there is a slight difference from the Trader in mendefisikan this scalping, there referring to the tempo of time, there is also a reference to the target number of pips.
Although there are differences of opinion, you don't have to ignore it, because at the core of everything is basically the same, namely to profit more quickly, correct?
Before you really dive and explore the online scalping forex trading strategy is, firstwant to tell you that scalping is like a double-edged sword.
What does a double-edged sword?
By applying the scalping strategy you can multiply your capital quickly, but on the other side of your capital also can potentially run out quickly anyway. Therefore, in applying this strategy we are using a small percentage of lot with TF.
That's why scalping was seen as a double-edged sword.
Additionally, when you are confident with your decision to trade using the scalping, it means you have been aware of the risk will occur.

Although this strategy can stimulate the heartbeat, but actually more relaxed when compared to the long term strategy.
We just spent 30 minutes or 1 hour to complete our daily target (except sideways).
After the daily target is reached, we do not mess with the condition of the chart and the "floating" anymore, and we can do our daily activities, spending time with family, relativesetc.
The good news, I have some tips to help you avoid from raging volatility market. Where in applying any techniques scalping forex strategy, you should pay attention tothree things:
1. Money Management
2. Psychology
3. Target/Goal

Money Management (MM)
All traders agreed that in applying the strategy of any type, contribute 50% of MM as the deciding success trading.
In fact I personally argued, MM contributes 70% as the determinant of the success of the implementation of the scalping strategy.
That broad money Management coverage, there is even a book that reviews particular about MM.
Actually, you don't have to understand deeply about MM, at least you understand about what is leverage, margin level, balance, equity, calculation of lot alone is enough.
For example, with a balance of USD 100 how lot ideal for use.
Then the conclusion how?
Do you occasionally apply this scalping forex strategy before you really understand about MM in Forex trading.
If you are already familiar, then you can continue learning about strategies.

I won't talk a lot of problems of psychology in this tutorial, because there is no reference in psychology a certain standard.
I just remind, that psychology is a factor that is no less important.
And I also remind you that the only strategy that best play psychology is Scalping.

A few tips to keep the psychology in order to remain controlled by either:
- Use the right MM
- Do not hurry hurry in analyzing, remember the opportunities in the Forex market will always be open for 24 hours/day 5 days/week. So you don't have to worry will lose the opportunity of OP.
- Hide a sense of revenge. This error is most often done by traders. The name Loss in forex it is very reasonable, not MC. In essence, the outcome accumulation is finally fixed profit.
- do not open the chart when the mind you are screwed.
All four of these must be true true you notice, trust MC was very painful. And remember every Loss can still in "recovery".

Specify Your Target
One of the United States, the founding father of Benjamin Franklin once said "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail", which means roughly "If you fail to plan, then you're planning failure".
All economic experts agreed with that statement in quotes. Which planning is indeed very crucial not only in the context of the business, but in any case.
The question now that is, allow the absence of planning there is a target/goal? Impossible aka is not possible.
Just as in in the Forex, you need to have a clear goal/Target. If you haven't had your goals, determine. Now!.

Still confused?

I try to give an example of creating a simple target so that you have an overview.

Example # 1 Target. "I have to have income $10/day for the first month, $20/day forthe next month, and so on.

# The example Target 2. "I have to have income $500/month, regardless of how"

# The example Target 3. "I have to produce a profit 100% per month of the total capital I eject"


Well after you have your trading targets, then start putting together planning.

#1. Prepare your capital.

You have to understand the problem of funding, such as how much capital should be prepared to earn $20 per day, or how many lots should be used in order to produce 100% per month, etc.

#2. Prepare your time.

After the capital already exist, further adjust your time. E.g. get $20 per day, how many pips you need, and how long you need to achieve the amount of pips.

Thus, as I say before you should be familiar with the name of Trading Money Management.

Once you are familiar with Psychology, Management, planning, targets, and then you learn the strategies used.

So the whole thing, from beginning to end and plan your target should be drafted in advance with clear.

To drive you towards your target, you can use forex scalping strategy that I share here.


As I've said before, that scalping was in essence seeking small pips target, can 5 pips to 15 pips, it ideally.

Well, to get the quantity that we must understand the pips on the election Time Frame (TF).

Then, what is the TF should be used in applying the forex scalping strategies? TF TFM1 and M5.

Let's equate perception beforehand.

Scalping can do in TF such as H1 and H4? Can. Some people may do so.

But that needs to be underlined is that in applying the scalping forex strategy I share this should only use TF TF M1 and M5.


Because it is later has to do with the management of SL and TP.

So what do I share this not merely a strategy, but rather an aggregation of a concept. Where each of the components can not be separated from each other.

Characteristics Of A Pair

There is a wide range of Forex pairs, the numbers are quite a lot of different currencies of various countries.

To profit from selling this currency, it would be nice if we have a preference in determining the money where it is most profitable.

Because in the discussion this time we discuss the issue of scalping, then pairs that should be used is a PAIR with a SMALL SPREAD VALUE.

Yes, as long as the pair that you use has a low spreads, the pair deserve to at tradingkan.

It would be very much better if its spreads below 1 pips.

You need to know that the magnitude of the spread of a pair each of each broker vary, although the Pair are his equal.

For that you have to be observant, if necessary ask his broker CS.

In General, the pair who have low spreads i.e., EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, and USD/CHF.

The pair is a pair of my favorite forex scalping strategy in applying. The pair and also a pair of the most widely used by most traders in scalping.

To pair another pair of her you can do the research yourself.

Up here you already understand the TF and the Pair is used, then we'll go to the discussion of the subject matter, i.e.Strategy Forex Scalping.


In applying this scalping we will use indicator EMA. EMA is the default MT4 indicators, so you don't need to install it.

The Moving Average is an indicator of my favorites in the identify a trend, and it is also an indicator of this type include the most widely used by traders, identifying related trend.

There are 4 types of moving averages, including the following:

Simple Moving Average (SMA)
Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
Smoothed Moving Average (SMMA)
Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA)
Of the four types above, we will use the EMA.

Why EMA?

According to my view, EMA has a pretty dynamic movement when compared to other types. And of course I also consider accuracy.

How do I use of it?

You must first install the 2 indicator EMA, with each period of 10 and 20.

Please note the picture below:
indicator forex trading
EMA is the 20 EMA blue and Red is EMA EMA 10.

The OP done when after both the EMA intersect/Cross (EMA EMA cut 10, 20).

"Just like that?"

Friends, if there is a simple, why should find difficult?

Believe me, success is not determined in analysis of how complicated the strategy you use.


Rule OP Buy

Buy OP done when the 10 EMA cross (Cut) under the direction of the 20 EMA.

Rule OP Sell

Sell OP done when the 10 EMA cross (Cut) towards the top of the 20 EMA.

Important! In doing the OP should only 1 pair only. OP in more than one pair is strongly not recommended. Because it is going to split your focus in the analysis process.

Enough 1 pair. If it is clear, can be moved into the other pair.

Market conditions to be avoided

You need to remember, if you need to take note.

The weakness of this strategy is when the market is being sideways.

On the conditions of return rates and EMA cross several times in the same area.

It is certainly very detrimental if you do OP. Can you be exposed to SL berkali kali.

So, in implementing the strategy forex Scalping EMA should avoid circumstances sideways, no matter how.

If applied when the market trending (not sideways), this strategy can be said to have an 80% probability of winning.

This means that your chances of Loss only 20%. Remember again, it applies when the market is not being sideways.

With this strategy, if accompanied by MM and a good Psychology, is enough to drive you in achieving the targets that you have planned.

Do not believe?

Here are some of the results of trading with forex scalping trading strategy above.

profit forex trading

profit trading forex


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