September 22, 2017

Hedging techniques between pairs of alternatives trding forex online

Online forex trading has now become a trend much sought after by many people as an alternative to earning a good principal or supplementary and thank God there have been many actors or forex trader success through forex trading that they do. But,to be successful in forex trading this is not instant and easy. It takes time to learn and try out in order to rake in profits from the forex activity.

There are a variety of techniques or strategies that is commonly done by forex traders to be able to get a profit, such as
1. Forex Trading Techniques Scalping
Techniques scalping forex trading is one of the forex trading techniques using a take profit in small numbers consecutively, usually done at a time when the market in conditions of calm or flat. However, this scalping techniques using stop loss big enough in anticipation of open transactions if an error occurs so that could lead to a Riskor Rewardsnya is not balanced.
2. Techniques of Martingale
Techniques of Martingale is trading techniques using the creases the volume a lot. For example, using 2 lot, in the lot then the loss will be folded into duplicate 4, 8, and so on to acquire profit or won, if the number is already positive (profit) then all transactions closed. The weakness of this technique requires a strong capital (big) and also the risks are very high (high risk) if at any time occurred the defeat.
3. Hedging techniques
Hedging techniques is forex trading techniques that utilize locking position. But hedging techniques can be a dig hole cover hole if any in its application.
In addition to techniques that already covered it, actually there's more other techniques, but here I will discuss techniques that focus the third, i.e. Hedging techniques. Its application is open, the BUY and SELL transactions e.g. open first transaction BUY then when an error occurs it will open a SELL transaction to limit its losses. This hedging techniques can be applied in one pair or two pair. Because hedging techniques in a single pair that's been widely discussed, I will try to explain how to apply the hedging techniques in 2 pair.
Hedging techniques in 2 pair can be applied in two models depending on the pair in what we choose, namely:
-BUY Model – BUY or SELL-SELL, meaning the first pair second pair BUY and also BUY or vice versa. This model can be applied to the 2 pairs that had the nature of the movement trends that tend to be the opposite, an example Pair EurUsd and UsdChf.
models BUY  SELL  SELL or BUY, meaning that the first pair second pair BUY and also SELL or otherwise. This model can be applied to the 2 pairs that had the nature of the movement trends that tend to be the opposite, an example Pair EurUsd and GbpUsd.
From the model trading techniques are usually from 2 (two) open transactions that we already do will produce positive and negative values, positive if greater than negative it will be because it's already producing closed profit.
From my experience of wearing these techniques in particular trading techniques first model is very fun and safe, because here we do not need to analyze the first chart, no need to read the trend, no need to determine support and resistance and others, so giddy and can do other activities with ease. Average profit per month from forex trading techniques such as these is 25  40%, ALHAMDULILLAH fair quite large when compared with bank deposits now.
teknik hedging forex trading online

So a discussion of online forex trading techniques that say use this now, may be useful. Thank you


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