September 20, 2017

2 things to look for in forex trading

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The number of online forex trader who nurtured, making interest beginning traders become smaller. The fewer who want to learn forex because may be they see a lot of traders who lose money in forex trading. Supposition and opinion that is less good about forex is also surely arise from some traders who lose money. If you guys still exist in forex trading and still ups and downs, you will surely be thinking how can I get a consistent profit on forex trading let me balance increases. Formerly since learned never occurred to about forex profit continuously. Which I think is just great fortunes could be forex trading.

What is a consistent profit.?
That profit is the profit and consistently is constant and continuous. So consistent profit can mean profit continuously. Although the benefits are small, but if it continues to profit in trading, the results of the monthly salary could beat in the places we work. Small or the magnitude of a profit that depends from large or small our capitalto play trading.
The more capital, the greater the possibility of also got great benefits. The smaller the capital we don't even look forward to a great income. The fact is indeed like that,if you want to profit consistently and continuously.

My experience in Forex trading to Profit consistently is the must have noticed 2 things below:

1. trading techniques
Trading techniques in question was covering when the open position (OP) and should be how in case of profit or going floating. But to be able to melaksanakn it previously, we first have to understand the characteristics of currency (pair) that we choose in forex trading, such as how rang up and down movement of the point of the day, e.g. in the EU average between 100-150 pips. If we memahai it then we will be able to apply the techniques correctly, because not all open positions that we do will generate profit directly, by knowing that we have to overcome the clever clever in case of floating. as for how to perform the floating case of anticipation are as follows, diataranya can by way of:

2. Management of Profit and risk
That is to say we must be able to calculate how much thickness, open positions we do not to oversize so proportioned according the characteristics of currency. If we take a proportionate lots then in case of wrong direction still able to hold it. Have to be patient and don't be greedy, average prices could reverse again at least 1/3 of the movement is happening. If I it costs lots used for the OP has the resilience of 500pips (5000 point 5-digit brokers).
So a discussion of online forex trading so that we can get a consistent profit. Thank you

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